BAB Project has been completed successfully by Technomak for ADNOC

Technomak completed 20 electrical modular buildings (E-houses) for BAB Field, Abu Dhabi.

Oct. 5, 2020

Technomak completed 20 electrical modular buildings (E-houses) for BAB Field, Abu Dhabi.Where the end user was ADNOC and the clients were Fortune Engineering & Energy services LLC and Siemens Energy. The scope of work included Structural, Architectural, Electrical, HVAC and F&G. The entire project was completed in a record time of 10 months during the tough times amidst Covid 19 Pandemic with zero LTI. The Murban Bab Oil Field, around 84 kilometres North West of Abu Dhabi, was the location of the first oil produced in the UAE in 1960.


“The mighty field has been a prolific producer of crude ever since, and Technomak feels honoured to be part of its upgradation project “, added Mansoor Karakkat, President, Technomak Group of Companies.

This was what one of the clients had to say about Technomak, “We appreciate Technomak Management and project team FOR diligent efforts in accomplishing the project scope within the stipulated schedule, fulfilling all quality and HSE standard of the project.” – Prakasan KV, Director of Projects, Fortune Engineering & energy Services LLC.


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