Technomak’s 15-year Anniversary Celebrations & Sports Events

Technomak’s 15-year Anniversary Celebrations & Sports Events

March 5, 2020

The year 2020 marked the 15-year anniversary of TMAK. A month of celebration in March involving sports and cultural events were organized. There was an annual party on March 5 2020, at Ajman Hotel. The sporting events were in cricket, football, badminton and volleyball.

The winners were:

Bull Warriors (Cricket)

Phoenix HFZ (Football)

Phoenix HFZ (Volleyball)

Zayed 11 Abu Dhabi (Badminton)


And at the runner-up position:

E House (Cricket)

E House (Football)

Zayed 11 Abu Dhabi (Volleyball)

Phoenix HFZ (Badminton)

A raffle draw, some dance and music events were also organised.

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