What We Do

TECHNOMAK serves these Industries in Middle East, Africa, Far East, Europe & Indian Sub-Continent

  • Oil & Gas (Onshore & Offshore)
  • Petrochemical & Refinery
  • Infrastructure
  • Metal Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Power & Water Treatment

Main Activities

  • Marine/offshore, Oil & Gas fabrication & Installation
  • Offshore Fabrication and Installation of Jackets, FPSO Top Sides, Flare Towers, Decks, Boat Landing, Subsea Spools and Valve Skids, etc
  • Process equipment’s like Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Scrubbers, KO Drums
  • Slug Catchers, Surge Vessels, Test Separators, Columns, Storage Tanks, De-aerators etc.
  • Fabrication of modules with all equipment’s, E & I, structural works, insulation works
  • Chemical Injection Skids, RO Skids, Fuel Gas Conditioning Package, Pump Skid, Chrolination Skid,
    Containerised RO Package, Metering Skids, PR Skids HIPPS Skid, Pig Launcher and Receivers
  • Fabrication and Erection of Process Towers, Ducts, Stacks, Dampers, Cyclone, Silos
  • ESP, Gas Treatment Center, Green Anode Paste Plant, Specialised crane installation.
  • Water Treatment Module, Waste Water Treatment Module
  • Brown field modification works
  • Turnkey, Shut down & Maintenance jobs.
  • Process Modules, Skid Packages, Gravity Anchors, Buoys, Pipe Spools etc.
  • Control Buildings / Electrical Substations / LER / LCR / LIR Modules (Control / Switchgear / Instrument / Battery)
  • Power Skids (Switchgear / Transformer / Battery Rooms / Generator)
  • Living Quarters / Accommodation Modules / Recreation Modules (Fire / Non-Fire Rated, Blast / Jet fire rated, Safe / Hazardous, Single lift / Modular Pieces)
  • Workshop / Laboratory Modules (Custom built or Converted Container solutions)
  • Structural Steel Fabrication, assembling & erection jobs for Petrochemicals,
    Refinery, Power Plants, Highrise buildings, Airports and Aluminium Smelters
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction Projects
  • Controls, Instrumentation & Electrical Solutions